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Why are there the Cheated and The Cheater? Why does the Universe give such immense power to the Cheaters to completely upset Nature's Balance and oppress/torture/kill humans and spoil the planet. Why don't the ageless meditating sages, Avataras, gurus, angels rush to protect when injustice and cruelty is perpetrated. We don't want a Yug Purusha or an Avatara to come as stated in YADA YADA HEE DHARMASYA...... at the end but rather in time of need. When women, children and innocent public are tortured be it in the recent Nazi era or when King Ashoka killed thousands to conquer kingdoms?

Why? Why? Why?

PS: I have been hearing your pravachans since 4 days and your soothing voice and subject give me immense peace and and are clearing some doubts and reigniting the mechanical sadhana that I do. Hare Krsna!

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